The Floating Resort
Saipan Island and Maldives

Legenrich is creating The Floating Resort on Saipan Island and Maldives

The first ever Hotel complex fully build on water.

For The Floating Resorts Legenrich is considering several prospective locations, The Saipan Island in The Pacific Ocean and one of the atolls of the Maldives Archipelago.

Both places are really a Heaven place on Earth. Mild tropical weather, beautiful nature and excellent beaches are keys to success.

All Floating Resorts are planned to be built with points on base of Watercampers Eagle and Nomadream MH Houseboats. Most of resort’s infrastructure will be created on water including “anti-boring islets” equipped with gambling, pool, kid’s playground. All watercampers and houseboats are fully independent concerning power generation, water desalt, air-conditioning.

Water resorts on the final stage will have 75 to 100 Watercampers and Houseboats, as living rooms, accommodating up to 300 tourists, 2 restaurants, SPA complex, Fitness complex and the gem of The Floating Resort,a Casino!